What a year! Not sure about everyone out there in blog-land, but I know I’ve felt the super high energy of 2017 and have shifted SO immensely… I thought I’d do a quick wrap up and share with you a few things that are coming/changing/etc for the new year! (And newsletter subscribers, please read on to see some new stuff!)

Theme of the Month

One thing I’ve struggled with is what to write about here or share with you via my newsletter… And as I was working on my daughter, it came through that doing a theme each month might be helpful for me – and for you. I’ll have a specific thing I’ll share and you’ll know that there is a theme coming up and you’ll know to keep your eyes open. A win/win, as far as I’m concerned!

So what will it look like? That’s still being ironed out, but I’m considering having a format that looks something like this:

  • Theme
  • Blog post
  • Tool that is specific to the theme. This may be a simple thing you can do or a download with instructions or something more.
  • Connecting with you: This may be a Facebook¬†group (probably private), a guided meditation or a workshop locally, an online class or challenge or something I haven’t thought of!
  • An essential oil suggestion
  • Special offers each month. For example, a custom essential oil blend with a Light Running session. Or a tarot card reading with a Light Running session.

There will also be a few other fun things I’m toying with and I’ll let you know when I know!

Pricing & Distant Light Running Changes

Although I’m still working on the exact pricing (I’m almost dialed in!), it will be changing on January 1st.

And after considering it for a while, I’ve decided to change my Distant Light Running sessions slightly. In the past, after doing energy work, I would chat with you. And then I’d do a writeup sometime the next morning. With local clients, though, I do everything during the 1 hour session and I will be carrying this into my distant session. For now, I may end slightly early and then get you your writeup almost immediately. But doing this, it allows me to keep my pricing the same whether local or distant – which I think you’ll agree is easier!

And as a reminder, I’ll always have a sliding scale!

Referral Program

I’ve had several clients refer new clients to me and I can’t tell you how grateful I am! And if you’d done this in the past, where I am aware, I’ve tried to give you credit and at least a thank you.

But moving forward, I’ll be giving you an even bigger Thank You in the form of a gift certificate! My intention is to track how my new clients were referred (and I’m happy to add this later if they forget!) and at the end of the year, I’ll send you a thank you with a gift certificate based on the number of referrals!

Although I haven’t figured out the exact ratio of referrals to gift certificate, you can be sure that I’ll take care of you!

Thank You!

And as a thank you for making it through this post, you can receive 10% off any sessions booked online through the end of the year! Just use the code YouRock to receive this!