Facing into avoidance and shame…

I want to talk about avoidance a little bit more and how it’s showing up for me…

I see it all over the place for myself, but it’s showing up in a big way with its good friend shame right now. You see, I’m growing my businesses – my Light Running vibrational healing and my doTERRA essential oils businesses – and to reach more people, it just makes sense to post on Instagram or Facebook. Or send emails to my¬†email list. Or post on my blog. And I really struggle with these.

Okay, I avoid them. And when I post lately, they don’t feel like ME.

And truthfully, it brings up SO much shame.

Here I am, I do my own inner work on a daily (hourly!) basis and I still struggle with shame and avoidance.

(I’ll admit – I’m actually in tears writing this all down. That’s how deep the shame is. )

Anyway, when the shame comes up, I avoid sharing and then I feel defeated. (This is a new awareness as of last week – defeated. And it’s HUGE to face into it.)

But with the work I do, I know how to face into it. Usually that’s in a pretty private way with a few very close friends who support me. And I do the work that helps me shift things.

So I’m going to let go of needing to make sure everything is “right” with this post and whether or not I’m being clear. Whether or not you understand all these things I’m going to share. And I’m going to share with you my process.

Because it’s to remind ME of what I’m doing.

Because even thought I’m in a place of shame and I want to run away and avoid so I don’t feel defeated, I’m actually writing this down. I’m moving through it and working to keep it from defining me.

Okay, here’s my process: Continue reading “Facing into avoidance and shame…”