Sliding Scale

What is the “Sliding Scale according to Andi”?

Although I have pricing on my booking site, you may find that you’re not financially able to swing booking a session at those prices. And because I feel it’s more important for you to get worked on than to pay full price, I am happy to receive what you have to offer!

How do I determine how much to pay?

This is purely up to you. You can base it on how much you are able to pay, what you feel it’s worth, or you can ask me for some guidelines. But I do like to leave this up to you – after all, you are the only one who truly knows what you are able to pay!

Are your packages on a sliding scale? 

After sitting with this for a while, I feel that the packages are the price they are. You are always welcome to pay what you feel is correct for individual sessions, though!

What about Space Clearing, Tarot Readings?

If you are a regular client, I am happy to be flexible with the price on these. If you are not a regular client, please contact me.

I noticed that you do donation only for children…. Why is this?

Children can benefit greatly from Light Running, too! But often, we aren’t sure if that is appropriate for them at whatever age. See if Light Running is correct for your kiddos without feeling like you might be strapped. Please see my other page about Light Running for Children for more information!