Yes, I know it’s been radio silence for quite a long time, but I’ve had my reasons… legitimate or not, who knows!

Essentially, I could feel that every post I started wasn’t where I wanted it to be energetically. Things I chose to write about just had the feel of a reaction in them. Very small, quite often, but still there. So after I’d write something up, I’d just save it and not publish it or I’d trash it and move on… waiting for something to shift.

And that happened this week.

This week was HUGE. I had been in some really big reactions earlier this week. (Long story short, it was me questioning what I was meant to do, how I was meant to make money and if I was even on the right path with my energy work! And in my life! Yes, questioning everything!)

So I Pulled Cords with a friend of mine. (Oooh! I need to do a post about Pulling Cords! It is basically pulling out everything related to a person, situation, etc. during a Light Running session so that you can get past your reaction more quickly.) And it just left me feeling raw, exhausted. Still triggered, but also more peaceful with it.

Then I saw my teacher for a Light Running session and Pulled Cords again. This time on “the aspect that is afraid to let go of the 3rd dimensional reality as proof of safety and value“. Quite the mouthful. And a VERY big concept. She kept repeating so many things I’ve heard so many times before.

“It’s not what it is, it’s what it represents.”

“There is nothing outside you.”

“Every experience supports your growth.”

UGH! I know all this! Seriously?!? I’ve heard it so many times! I could put them in memes on Facebook!

And I left once again feeling raw, sad, overwhelmed with the grief and emotion it all brought up.

Then… on Friday morning, something shifted.

I could see it! No, more than that. I could FEEL it! EVERY reaction I have can be cleaned out. Literally. And when those reactions are cleaned out, then I can be peaceful!

It’s truly about what any given trigger represents to me! And what it represents to me can be cleaned out!

I feel like a child walking around now. Like I just learned the words for everything. Like I’m Helen Keller when she first realized that each word being spelled into her hand represented each object around her.

And I started doing this with everything. Having to do laundry/photography/my cat climbing the blinds. Instead of getting angry, irritated, frustrated, I looked at what they represented to me… (Feeling entitled/feeling incapable and unoriginal/feeling like an irresponsible person.) And after digging in, I now have the words to begin cleaning out my reactions to these things!

Okay, how did I do it? Here is an example…

Thought: “I don’t want to do the dishes.” (imagine that this is being thought in the grumpiest way possible.)

“Oh, okay. So, what does doing the dishes represent to you?”

“Oh, that’s right… Doing the dishes represents doing menial and boring work.”

“So, what’s wrong with doing menial work?”

“LOL! Oh, I guess I feel like I’m above doing menial work! If menial work is considered bad in my mind, I must be processing through some sort of entitled memory! There must have been another time in my life (or maybe a previous one) in which I had to do something menial when I didn’t think I should have to.”

So, I’ll clean out “the aspect that feels entitled”. I’ll Pull Cords or journal, or get some energy work done. I’ll pick up that belief in being entitled and I’ll just keep poking at it until it bursts and I don’t believe it anymore. I will release this belief…

And when I stand back, I see that with other things! I can see that this belief influences me in other places – yard work, laundry, cooking and much more. And I find that I’m triggered by it in my others, too. It’s all around me, these feelings of entitlement! So guess what… when I process OUT this feeling of entitlement, guess what’ll happen?

No, my dishes and laundry don’t magically go away. But I’m not TRIGGERED by them! And others? Instead of getting irritated and frustrated, I’ll be able to more clearly see what it is that I need to do!

Okay, I know that’s a simple example, but it can be applied to ANYTHING!

But I’m going to hold off there for now.


I can feel that this needs to sink in a bit more. I have other examples on how to go through this process, but they feel to clunky for me right now. So I’ll hold off until they feel light.

For now, what this really means to you, dear reader, is that the clouds are clearing. And maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to do more blog posts! And with those blog posts, maybe I’ll even put together some tools for you to use to help YOU start to see your triggers in a new light. As a way to clean out your reactions instead of trying to make the triggers go away!

And by cleaning out your reactions?

You can move toward peace – regardless of what your external world looks like!

What do you think of that? Feeling peaceful no matter what? Sounds pretty great! Right?