Happy New Year!

Each new year, I look at everyone making the same resolutions each year and I always feel a bit…. odd. Or maybe uncomfortable. That feeling that maybe I should make a resolution, but it no longer feels correct. And for so many reasons… Why arbitrarily at the beginning of the year? And am I a failure if I don’t achieve it? What if I don’t do any? Is that a copout?

So this year – and last – I have created an intention list. It is my intention to dig into these areas in my life and clear out all my reactions and issues around them so that I can have more clarity. And because it’s an intention, for me that carries a different meaning. It means that if it doesn’t happen, it’s because there wasn’t any energy for things to shift around it! And it also allows more room to see more about what’s going on.

And sitting down with this yesterday felt so good – giving it the power of intention feels so much more correct. Last night and today were filled with some beautiful clarity for me….

One of my intentions is to get even more clarity and consistency around Exposing the Light – business, blog, energy work and more. I feel like I have about 1000 ideas floating in my head that I just can’t seem to grasp and hold onto. I’m not sure if it’s because of timing, energetic matches or something completely different, but I’ve never really tried to put them down on paper – or in electronic form – and I think that’s a great place for me to start. Not today, but soon…. I’ll be asking you for some feedback for what you’d like to see here, what you’d like to see in terms of classes, what types of tools and deeper explanations might be of help, online classes and more. It’s all there, just slightly out of reach.

For now, I have a class coming up… My Peaceful Processing 101¬†workshop, which is currently only for people willing to travel to CB – or living here, of course! It’s actually not far away – it’s on the 14th of January! Just around the corner!

Who is it for? It’s for anyone that wants to dig a little deeper and learn where our old memories actually come from, how to pull your awareness out of your reactions and see what the real issue is, and several tools that will help you move through these reactions more quickly – and more deeply!

I can’t tell you how amazing my first class was! The women were wonderful, we had some really beautiful discussions and some really deep clearing – including me! I truly hope you can find the time to join me for the next class! And as I create new classes, some of them may require that this one be taken first so that you can understand the underlying concepts….

Looking forward, I plan to hold another Space Clearing workshop so stay tuned for that! I am also hoping to do some online card spreads for all of you if you’ll join me on Facebook!

For now, though, I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and I invite you to share some intentions for the new year! Here are a few of mine in their abbreviated formats:

  • I intend to recognize and clear any blocks that remain around money
  • I intend to recognize and clear any blocks around photography and to experience a new level of creativity and joy with it
  • I have the intention of getting OUT more (instead of being a hermit!), meeting new people, having new conversations and maybe even going out on a date.
  • I also intend to continue growing and shifting my drawing and painting to include higher vibrational energy with the ultimate intentions of helping other shift (I’ll be sharing this work soon…)

Have a fabulous start to 2017!