Deep Inner Work

Using several different techniques, I help lead you much deeper than a regular session. During these sessions, you may experience seeing other life times, old childhood trauma or other methods to help clear past triggers. With this work, I have seen profound shifts in my clients – and in myself! – that ripple through so many parts of our lives!

What can you expect?

I’ll work on you doing Light Running (without pulling cords) for about 20 minutes. This allows both of us to get to a much more receptive place. From there, I’ll typically sit at your head (or where I perceive your head to be, if you’re a distant client!) and hold energy. I’ll lead you into creating a “safe space” that you can always return to at any time during the session. Then I’ll lead you in the emotional trigger that is currently up for you… After that, it’s anyone’s guess since every person – and every time – is completely different.

After the session, I’ll write up a recap while asking you to lay or sit quietly to allow everything to settle in. I then recommend you listen to the part of you that has been suppressed for guidance over the next day – or several days – to allow it to solidify.

I’ll also give you some guidance on what to do different from a regular session.

Recognize that when signing up for Deep Inner Work, we may need to adjust the date/time to account for the very high energy of this session! I want to make sure that we are both prepared to hold this space.

This session will last approximately 2 hours.