What is Pulling Cords?

“OMG! Betty is SO condescending!”

“I am so nervous about talking to the doctor! What if he doesn’t believe me?”

“I am so sick of being a procrastinator!”

If you find yourself thinking things along these lines, pulling cords may be JUST the ticket!

When we pull cords, we are pulling out what that trigger (person, situation, pattern) represents to us. On the surface, we may be pulling cords on “Betty”, but underneath, she may represent being condescending, unkind, self-absorbed, etc. The way you perceive her to be being is what we’ll be pulling out. And we’ll be working to release “Betty” as someone who triggers you.

What can happen when we pull cords?

Ideally, the thing, person, etc that we pulled cords on then no longer triggers you! (Sometimes, if it’s a very old or deep pattern, we may need to work on it several times. This is normal and you are usually aware of it!)

So “Betty” may never change, she may always be the way she’s always been, but YOU are no longer triggered by how she is.

And when we are no longer triggered by this external pattern, we can see more clearly what we want to do in each situation. We can begin to tap into our intuition, often, too.

Often, when people pull cords, they can find a new clarity around a situation, an old pattern and even with a person. I have seen profound shifts after pulling cords once and other times, when the trigger or pattern is very ingrained, we may have to pull cords many times to help it shift. But rest assured, even pulling cords once can give you more space around what we pulled cords on!


But how do you know what to pull cords on and if it’s correct for me?

Sometimes it’s quite obvious and you may already have lots of clarity about what to pull cords on. Other times, I will chat with you, watching for triggering words, asking you questions and guiding you until I can see clearly what may be most beneficial. Sometimes it comes in intuitively.

But I will be more than happy to work with you figuring out what needs to happen!

Does it cost extra?

Nope! Pulling cords is just another tool I use during my sessions, no different from sound healing, crystals, and essential oils.