What is Light Running?

Light Running is a type of energy healing work that can help you break through old patterns that no longer serve you. Using vibrational energy, crystals, sounds and essential oils, I will intuitively shift and see energy patterns to support shifting on your journey. You will walk away with concrete ways to help you navigate life more gracefully, peacefully and gratefully.

During your session, we will discuss what you’re experiencing triggers around and I’ll choose the tools that best support shifting your energy and your unsupportive thought patterns.

Here is what others have had to say about working with me:

“Thank you so much! I just read [my write up] – beautiful and so relevant to me! Thank you, Andi, you are a powerful healer and I feel blessed to work with you!!” – distance client

“Thank you!! I feel your support so much and love how you share your gifts and wisdom with me.” – local client