About Andi

andi-squareAll about me… well, I doubt it’s all about me! Maybe just a few of the highlights…

I’ve been doing Light Running, vibrational healing energy work, for about 8 years and it’s radically changed how I view my life… Sounds like the start of an infomercial!

It truly has, though.

When I first started going this energy work, I did it for giggles and grins since I’d won a gift certificate. I never thought it would make a difference (heck, energy work? crazy town!) But I was surprised at how much more peaceful I felt after the first session! Which is even crazier as from the outside, I had the perfect life: beautiful kids, beautiful location, amazing home, great husband….

But I was still so unhappy.

Ultimately, I came to realize that what I needed to change was inside me – that was the only thing that I could change change. So I decided to dive into how I looked at my life, myself, the world.

And that’s when things started to radically changed for me. Using many of the tools that I’ll share here – the ones that most resonated with me as well as others that may resonate with you more – has allowed (and continues to help) me change my perspectives. It’s hard work, but WOW, is it worth doing! Trust me, facing some of my big demons – including my daily bottle of wine habit, thinking I was such a great mom even as I yelled at my kids instead of working with them, and so much more – was incredibly hard, but well worth it.

As you get familiar with my site, I’d love to hear back from you – what tools do you find helpful? What would you like to learn more about? Is there a particular issue that I could address with my blog? Anything!

Thanks for stopping by!