When our brains are going a mile a minute, racing in every direction, we can feel crazed and overloaded. Ultimately, it’s just your ego trying to get your attention focused on your thoughts and help you avoid your emotions. But by grounding and connecting yourself, you get your focus from your brain and you can allow yourself to FEEL your emotions so that they can be released…

This simple trick can be helpful for calming that tricky brain…

Grounding & Connecting

Step by Step
  • Stand with your feet a comfortable distance apart. If you are unable to stand, you can sit (or even lay!) on a more solid surface.
  • Move your attention to your connection the surface below you
    • Feel the ground rising up to support you
    • Feel yourself grounding down
    • Notice the surface you are on, the texture, temperature, etc
    • Can you feel the energy moving down within your body or the earth’s energy rising up to you?
  • Place hands in prayer position and, if desired, set an intention
    • Keep your intention simple and self focused – some examples are:
      • “I love and support myself”
      • “I am always loved and supported”
      • “I allow my brain chatter to be released”
      • “I am safe to feel my emotions” (replace with the emotion you feel you are avoiding, if desired)
      • “I allow my reaction to [situation/person/etc] to be released.”
  • Connect to your higher self
    • Reach to the crown of your head and imagine grabbing an electrical cord
    • Reach high above you to plug it into the universe.
    • If this is physically challenging for you, set the intention of this – the universe will hear your desire to connect!
  • Stay in this position as you feel the chatter dissipate while focusing on your connection to the earth
    • You may experience an emotion rising to the surface
      • If so, stay with it. No analyzing, no figuring it out, no pushing it down or wanting it to go away.
      • Allow this emotion to rise the surface to be felt, if the situation is appropriate
      • Use these tools for the different emotions:
        • Anger – do something physical like clean, run, exercise, etc. This will dissipate the anger
        • Fear – repeat to yourself, if you are in a safe place at the moment, “in this moment, I am safe” or “I am safe to feel my fear”. Emotions must be felt to be released.  If you are in fear for your life or physical safety, contact the authorities or get yourself to safety!
        • Grief – allow the grief to surface and the tears to be shed, if possible. Repeat, “I am safe to feel my grief”.
        • Please see my blog post about Using TV Shows and Movies to process!
    • If you are not feeling any emotions, this is fine! Try to feel into the energy that may be moving subtly through your body…. When we stuff our emotions, it can take a while before we can fully feel them!

Mini Assignment

This can be a very powerful tool to help you ground and allow the brain chatter to calm! Try doing this every morning for 7 days…

What did you learn about yourself? Feel free to share below!

I would love to hear from you! Did you feel this was helpful? Were you able to use it to help you feel relief from that chattery brain?

(PS Would you like to see a video of this in action? Let me know below! When I have time, and if people are interested, I may just add this on!)