Back in April, my friend, Tina, came to visit and teach me about using doTERRA oils and why she felt they were so amazing. And it was a bit of an excuse to pay for her trip here, too… Although, I have to admit that I was a bit shocked at how much my view about essential oils during her visit!

After playing with them for myself, beginning to use them with my clients and seeing/feeling some pretty huge changes with the energy, it became pretty clear that it was important to share this with everyone. Rather than extoll the virtues of why I believe doTERRA is such a great company (you can read about that on their site for sure!), I thought I’d share with you my favorite oils – and why I love them!

  • Breathe (Invigorating Blend)
    • Can relieve: Grief, obsessiveness, annoyance, pride, resentment, terror. I have found it particularly useful when someone doesn’t feel as though they have value or looks outside themselves for affirmation.
    • Soothes and opens the tissues of the respiratory system Combats airborne bacteria and viruses
    • Place one drop on palm of the hand. Cup hands over mouth and nose. Breathe in to clear sinuses or lungs.
  • Lavender
    • Can relieve: Self abuse (physical and mental), defensiveness, feeling anxious, rejected, shameful, worthless and much more! Lavender is pretty amazing! (And as a note, I’ve tried many different brands of Lavender and this one is my absolute favorite!)
    • May help body systems balance, supports sleep, relieving headaches, hives, skin irritations, infections, and much more!
    • Place one drop on pillow or diffuse 4-6 drops to have more restful sleep
  • Lemon
    • Can relieve: Nervousness, addiction, despair, feeling distracted or negative, obsessiveness and grief
    • Can blood pressure, soothes the stomach, alleviate respiratory conditions, and relieves food poisoning.
    • Add one drop to water in morning to help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • OnGuard (Protective Blend)
    • Can relieve: Fear, abandonment and vulnerability. I found this one (and Wild Orange) incredibly helpful when I was processing out feelings of shock and grief.  It allowed me to lift the veil a bit to get things done.
    • Studied for it’s strong ability to kill harmful bacteria, mold and viruses. Diffuses beautifully and used for cleaning
    • Add 1 drop to water when you feel illness coming on. Diffuse when you feel fearful.
  • Peppermint
    • Can relieve: Grief, feeling conflicted and resentment. I also find it quite energizing when I spritz it into my mouth.
    • Soothes digestive issues, freshens breath, relieves colic, gas, headaches and indigestion
    • Add 1 drop to 1 drop of lavender on tissue for migraine relief. Or put several drops into a small spray bottle with water – and use it for hot flashes! It’s amazing!
  • Wild Orange
    • Can relieve: Panic, anxiety, dread, fear, hopelessness depression, nervousness, worry. Paired with OnGuard, it’s incredibly powerful for shock, grief and fear. Trust me!
    • Relieves diarrhea, insomnia, menopause, digestion and is antiseptic
    • Diffuse when in shock, feeling hopeless or fearful. Put 2 drops each of Wild Orange and OnGuard in a diffuser to help offset these overwhelming emotions!

These really are my favorite oils and they are the ones I go through the quickest. I’ll be sharing some recipes for them in the future – ones that I’ve either put together or ones that I have found particularly helpful. If you have any requests, please let me know!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, just shoot me and email or give me a buzz. I’m happy to help you figure out what’s correct!