2018 is here! Are you excited? Curious? Nervous?

Of course, each new year can be a time during which we embark on new things, reassess what we’ve done in the past or just feel like we’ve wiped our slate clean. But as we go into each year, we may feel like we’re carrying bunch of baggage along with us – old thoughts, beliefs and so much more that we may have outgrown.

I’d like to help you release some of these old patterns that are no longer a match for you as well as help you shift how you’re looking at life and give you some new tools to help you move forward.


By joining me for the Inward Journey for 2018. Each month I will cover a different theme of a relevant topic that will help you understand that topic more deeply. This may include questions you can ponder, tools you can use, and far more. My intention is to share with you what I use as I release old beliefs, thoughts and patterns.

Each of these themes will have a different set of tools that I’ll be sharing. They may be ways to shift your thinking, journalling prompts, essential oils, meditations, and even some workshops. Some will be last minute, and others I’ll give you plenty of heads up. Some will be local only and some will be online. And I’m sure a lot of discussion will come up in the private Facebook Group that I’ve created. I’ll even be doing a private Facebook Live every week to answer questions, chat and share insights you might enjoy!

What’s up first?

You’ll be learning all about Processing for January. We’ll discuss what processing actually means, how we can tell we are triggered, tools that can be helpful and how you can release these emotional upheavals. We’ll have some discussion on Facebook and receive support as we try different things and share our experiences.

It should be quite interesting to see where this Inward Journey for 2018 takes us! Although I have a rough idea, I’m sure that as we move forward, you have questions and I try things, this “roadmap” I’ve created will shift and change as we move forward.

So, what are some of the other themes I’m tossing around?

I’m looking at are Tarot (an excellent tool for processing!), Fear, Grief, Anger, Intuition, Self Care and several others! (Shoot me an email or comment here if you have any suggestions!)

And how you do know this is for you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions – or all these questions – you may find these tools beneficial:

  • Have you tried other methods to help you deal with feeling triggered, but haven’t found the magic ticket yet? Or you’d like to have more tools in your toolbox?
  • Are you willing to really dig deep and look at what the underlying issues might be?
  • Are you willing to be completely honest with yourself?
  • Are you open to trying many tools including essential oils, crystals, energy work, creating new mental patterns and more?
  • And are you ready to feel more peaceful* in your life?

Would you like to join me?


*Peaceful (Andi’s definition): To feel accepting of the ups and downs in your life. And having a deep trust, knowing that everything happens for a reason and is for your spiritual growth. Even if you don’t like what’s going on, feeling comfortable with the belief that it can help you feel more at peace with life when it passes.