Today has been a little frustrating. Choosing a topic to post about today. Trying to get an ad started on Facebook. Finding the energy to do SOMETHING!

And then it struck me.

We sometime feel we have to FORCE things to happen. Push through and just do SOMETHING.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that is absolutely necessary to do sometimes.

But there are times when my ego tricks me into thinking that I HAVE to do something and then when I do, I have roadblock after roadblock trip me up.

And what do I do? I get mad at myself. “I SHOULD to this. And it needs to get done in X time.” When really, there is NO time limit on when I “need” to get that thing done.

Tuesday, I created an ad for Facebook. And yesterday I got a note that the graphic didn’t meet their criteria. And I was too busy to fix it yesterday.

Then today I try to update my ad, and my browser keeps locking up on the same page. As a bit of a geek, I know what to do to typically fix this issue. But instead, I just get irritated, distracted by something silly and then try again. And get more annoyed.

Yes, universe, I’m sorry. I’m currently ignoring you. I hope you don’t mind. I’m going to get some chai (I’m about to fall asleep, you see – that’s why I can’t “hear” you – that’s my excuse today) and then I’ll try again. And… yes, you have it…. it doesn’t work and AGAIN I’m irritated!

And to top it off, I can’t find out WHAT I need to do to change that ad!

But, you know, I HAVE to get it done. NOW. Or what? Hmmm. Or I suck? I’m lazy? I’m not proactive? Or I will judge myself harshly, obviously. Because that’ll help. Right?

So I pop over the my blog and start to write something else. And nothing comes up. And then I find some papers from when I student taught a Light Running class. For some reason, that triggered something that Judi had mentioned….

When you are trying to do something and you just can’t accomplish it, maybe it’s time to step back for a moment consider a few things:

  • If this needs to be done right now:
    • Maybe stepping back for 5 minutes will help to shift the energy around it. Or, just taking a deep breath could help.
    • Did you miss something? Is the universe trying to tell you something?
    • Do you need to ask a new question or look a different way to do this?
  • If this doesn’t need to be done immediately:
    • Why is your ego or your brain trying to convince you it does?
    • Ask you reactive brain what will happen if you don’t do it NOW. Write this down in your journal, on a piece of paper or wherever. You may even find that your reactive brain will say crazy things like, “no one will love me” or “I will be ostracized” or “i might get burned at the stake”. All of those are valid and helpful to move past your reaction!
    • What is the universe trying to tell you? Is it not time? Or are you trying to do something doesn’t even need to be done?!
    • Try stepping back and breathing through your freakout and recognize that letting it go for a while may be just what the doctor universe ordered!

After going through this list,  I realized that this ad doesn’t have to get done now. And the universe is trying to tell me to STOP for a bit and let the energy shift! I don’t have to rush into it…. Heck, my page hasn’t even been really live for a full week yet….

So, what if I just stop for a second? Breathe through feeling challenged and frustrated and allow myself to see what is really needed in this moment – stepping back for a quick breath or let this task go for now? Ah, that feels like a much better option than getting frustrated and angry!

But what’s trying to get me to put it out? My reactive brain. What emotion is behind my getting it out? Fear…. not love. Which is my intention with both this blog and my FB page.


So. For now, I’ll step back and watch and feel for the energy to shift.

Until then, I’ll just face the fear of not doing an ad and hope that I won’t get ostracized by the whole world…

Stick around…. in the future, I’ll also look at when there are extenuating circumstances – like waiting for someone else and you’re stuck in the mire and can’t move forward….

How often do you just push through things when there clearly isn’t any energy to do something? Or do you listen to the universe and the little – or big! – obstacles it puts in front of you?