I first shared some tips for Space Clearing back in 2016. Since then, I’ve learned a tremendous amount! This includes much of what I’ve learned. Feel free to reach out if you have questions!

What is space clearing?

Rooms and other spaces can hold energy from us when we are going through something challenging, from others that are doing the same (no or in the past), as well as from other ways. This energy can influence us and can bring our reactions (that are already within us) to the surface.

For example, if the energy is stagnant and you are already feeling a bit sluggish, it may influence you to avoid doing things that you’d like to. Or if there is energy that has more charge, you may feel more irritated.

You are responsible for your own reactions, but you may be influenced by the energies around you.

When you clear a space, you are not only moving out any density, any stagnant energy, but you are also clearing yourself! Definitely a win-win!

Clearing is easy, straightforward and you don’t need to even be able to feel the energy (I give you some tips below, if you’re wanting to learn), but the benefits can be wonderful!

This quick reference contains all the steps for Space Clearing. Below that, I go far more in depth with each of the pieces!

Quick reference for Space Clearing

  • Gather your tools
    • percussion – drum, small egg rattle, two wooden spoons, maracas, clapping your hands,  etc
    • chimes – tuning forks*, bells, sound bowls, tingshas, etc.
    • essential oils – oregano*, lemongrass*, frankincense*, serenity*, Andi’s blends (see image/about oils below), etc.
    • clearing – feathers, wings, your arms and hands, etc
    • crystals – lighter, brighter crystals are typically more clearing. I suggest quartz, selenite, rose quartz, etc.
  • If you have two levels, start downstairs and move up
  • Before beginning, move through the spaces being cleared, noticing how you feel in each one.
  • Beginning at the entry, go either way around the perimeter of the whole house/apartment/office/etc starting with the percussion instruments. (Repeat all this upstairs, if necessary.)percussive instruments
    • Note any changes in tone, etc
    • Note any changes in your reactions
    • Shake high on the wall and low close to the floor, paying special attention to areas that “feel” different, thick or dense
  • When you arrive at the starting point, close your eyes as you send intentions of just keeping the energy rising and releasing.
  • If desired, go through all the spaces cleared and note any differences.
  • Repeat the last 3 steps using the chimes, paying attention to the areas you did last time or any new ones that stand out.
  • If you choose to use essential oils, rub or roll some on your hands, rub your hands together and wave them through the are in each room. I suggest putting oregano or lemongrass on the door frames to clear as people walk in/out. Use frankincense, serenity or other calming, soothing oils last. This step will be done in place of clearing (next step).
  • If you are not using the oils, walk around the house using a feather, your arms, a wing and wave them around to clear the spaces. Imagine you are just trying to break up density, move around the air and keep the energy shifting.
  • Once all your spaces have been cleared, notice any changes in them as well as within yourself.
  • Enjoy your newly cleared spaces!

Going Deeper



Percussion instruments include drums, maracas, those small eggs kids use in music classes, clapping your hands, even banging two wooden spoons (banging the handles), etc! This sharp, percussive sound will break up the density and get it moving. You may notice that there are some areas that feel thick, sticky or slow moving… You may notice as wanting to avoid certain areas. These can all be indications of density.

Using the percussive sounds first gives space for the higher vibration tones to penetrate. Be sure to use them up high and low in the room, sending the sounds into the corners and the centers of rooms, paying attention to where you have stuff stored and as well as to the wide open spaces.

Feel free to use them more in areas of density until it begins to shift. If you don’t feel the density, that’s okay! Just trust yourself…


Chimes can include tuning forks*, bells, sound bowls, tingshas, etc. Most things with a higher tone/sound/vibrations can be helpful. I even have a tiny bell that was gifted to me that I’ll use!chiming instruments

Chimes are typically a higher vibration and will move into the broken up density that was  created by percussive instruments and will raise the vibration in the spaces to move out energy even more.

When you are using the chimes, once again, you want to go to the top of the room and closer to the floor and be sure to clean in the center and in places things are stored. Pay special attention to corners and areas that you could imagine the energy (visualize it as air) feels more stagnant. I have a spot in my living room that is a bit more dense naturally. I pay special attention to this area!

Essential Oils

Oils are not required, but I love using them in conjunction with the tones. I find that they just support the clearing. It is very important to use high quality oils*!

Why? Because if they not tested thoroughly and shown to be completely pure, there may be additives that they aren’t require to disclose. And because they don’t let you know what the additives are, you don’t know how their properties may be affected. They can often be less affective because the vibration and chemistry of the oil is different.They may smell nice, but they may not actually work as well.

I suggest a clearing oil (oregano* or  lemongrass*) and a finishing oil (frankincense* or  serenity*). I also offer my own Space Clearing oils, as well. If you would like to learn more about them or purchase them, please send me an email! andi's oils for space clearing

The clearing oil will break up the density, or stored lower vibrational energy. I suggest putting a little extra on the door frames so you can clear yourself and your guests when entering and leaving the rooms. This should linger for a few days.

The finishing oil will help the vibration to continue to rise. As it does, the density will naturally be moved out. It can also support your own changes in perception and releasing old beliefs.

And if you want to learn more about essential oils and their benefits and uses (health, energetically, emotionally, etc), just let me know!


Clearing can be done using your arms, feathers or a fan, a wing and more. It simply helps to move out the density and shift the energy around the whole space. (I do the same thing when I’m working on you!)

To use your arms and hands, pretend you are pushing the air you, push quickly as if you are moving it to the other side of the room. With a fan, wings or feathers, move your arm rapidly to push the energy. If you aren’t feeling much air move, you may have to choose move your arms more quickly! If you can’t feel the air moving, try using another method.


Crystals will enhance the clearing. I like to put them in spots that feel more stagnant. How can you tell it may be stagnant? Imagine that you had windows open – would the air reach that area easily? Or would it feel still? It’s most likely a stagnant space.

By placing crystals in the center of the room, it can keep the energy moving. And you can place crystals in areas that feel more stagnant to bring the energy in.

They can also be used in sticky/stagnant areas. See below!

Frequent Questions


This simply means to walk around inside the spaces sticking to the walls that are around the outside of the spaces. These may border others’ spaces or even just outdoors. You are creating a border around the outside of all your spaces to hold the energy inside.clearing the perimeter

Don’t overthink this too much! Simply pick a direction and stay to the right or the left as much as you can! If there is something in the center unconnected, you can do that at the end before closing off the space.

Sticky or dense areas

These are typically areas that don’t get much movement (think about a room that has no windows or much air movement without a fan), that are holding lots of density or may be tightly packed (for example, a closet or a pile of stuff). The energy can’t move through them easily.

Breaking the energy up can happen with the percussive instruments or the clearing oils. Although the chimes can break things up, percussion and oils do the deepest moving!

Placing the crystals

A little trick to keep the energy moving is to use crystals with points. You can place them around the edges of the room pointing in the same direction as if to make a circle. The size isn’t critical, the direction is more important. I use smaller pointed quartz crystals to do this, usually!

How often

This is completely on you! I would pay attention to how you feel in your home/office/spaces. You may be processing, or you could have a buildup of density. The first time you clear usually takes longer. After that, if you are clearing from time to time (I clear 2-3 times a year), you will find it goes faster each time.

Keeping your spaces clear

Between clearings, I like to make sure all the crystals I’ve placed around my spaces are cleared. I will place them on a window sill during the full moon. Or, if you’ve taken Reiki classes, you can use choku-rei. Reach out if you would like other suggestions for clearing.

I will also diffuse oils, open windows and shades, or I’ll do a quickie clearing with only one instrument.

How do I feel the energy? How will I know it’s cleared?

This is something I walk through if we clear a space together. (See below.) When you are by yourself, though, begin by clearing your own energy first by using an oil or a percussive instrument. (If you have the instructions for unzipping, which you get during a session with me, you can also do this.)

After you clear yourself, and before you clear the space, walk around using your hands to look for very subtle differences. I will often feel the energy moving down to the ground before I start. This will feel like a mild breeze, tickling feeling, subtle movement on the palms. (You may find one hand is more sensitive than the other. You you may find you feel it more on the back of your hand than the front.) Or you may notice that you feel pressed to the earth. Or even claustrophobic (even if you don’t normally). Also pay attention to your mood.

At the end, you may find that the changes are more noticeable. Repeat what you did above and just notice the differences. It’s okay if they are very subtle. How do you feel inside compared to before? Is the energy moving up or down? Does the room feel more spacious? How has your mood shifted?

BUT!! If you don’t feel anything, that’s okay! Your spaces will still be far more clear!

Note on burning to clearsage and more

Some people will use sage, palo Santo or other things to clear their spaces, but I don’t do this often. I find that some people are very sensitive to the smoke and smell. And the smell of the smoke can also bring inner attachments up for some people when using these indigenous tools. You also need to be a bit more careful because, you know… fire!

If you feel drawn to using them, just do the same thing you would with the percussive instruments or the chimes. Go high and low, pay attention to dense areas and use a feather or your hand to blow the smoke in those directions.

Try clearing without sage, etc. And then try clearing with it. What do you notice is the difference?

I can clear your spaces!

Whether you are local or anywhere in the world, I am happy to help you clear your spaces with you. I teach you the above steps so that you can do your own space clearing whenever you’d like to!

With locals, I come to your space with everything we need – feel free to use your own tools/crystals/etc.space clearing tools

For distance clearing, we get on the phone and I will lead you through everything. I will use my tools as you use yours. You will do the physical clearing as I do it from a distance.

To see what my availability is, just text (303 881 9298) or email me and we can discuss what your Space Clearing needs are!

* These are affiliate links. Why do I use affiliate links? So that you can use the same high quality, supportive products that I like to use. You will never find links to products that I don’t like or use! If you interested in purchasing directly without using my links, go for it!