Have you ever walked into a room and felt delighted and clear and ready to do or approach anything with ease? Or have you walked into a place and felt oppressed or weighted down – or even wanted to turn around and leave that area? In both cases, you were feeling the “energy”, or actually, the vibration of the energy in that room.

Quite often, without even realizing it, we can be sensitive to the energies in different places. When the vibration of the energy is higher or faster, we can feel uplifted and clear. And when it’s low, we can feel uncomfortable or even weighted down.

By using some easy techniques, we can quite easily take the energy of a room from lower vibration to something much higher – often allowing you to accomplish things more easily!

On FB, I discussed a few examples, but I thought I’d share a different one here.

We moved into a wonderful older house about 20 months ago and we love it! But my poor youngest daughter, Sammie, was having some major issues sleeping, having nightmares almost every night. At the age of 10, this was getting hard to deal with every night.

To empower her (she is able to feel the energy), I let her choose what felt/sounded good to her so that she felt more in control. And we cleared the room slowly  (I’ll explain the basic techniques below) and deliberately using a drum and some tuning forks. She kept feeling the density in spots I wasn’t so she took charge and cleared them, as well. I was quite impressed with how readily she recognized the denser areas!

When we were done, it was a distinctly different feel in the room – we both felt like hanging out in there just chatting with my other daughter. That was quite different for all of us being in their room – normally, the girls were want to leave their room after waking because the density was affecting them without them even recognizing it…

And that night, with a freshly cleared room, Sammie not only slept soundly, but stayed in her bed for the first time in weeks without waking me in the middle of the night. As a bonus, Ellie slept like a charm, as well. And this continued for quite a while before we needed to clear again!

I had cleared many rooms and seen things shift for myself and others, but having Sammie and Ellie see it work so effectively not only gave Sammie the confidence to do it on her own, but also helped her realize that she has the ability to shift some of her own density, as well. Ellie was even more open to consider doing it herself! Such a powerful tool on so many levels!

So how do you clear a room? Here are the basic steps:

  • Choose your method for clearing – using incense, sound or one of the many others. I like sound as it “feels” so good to me.
  • Send your love and intention into the instrument.
  • Walk around the room once sending the energy of the instrument (whether it’s sound, incense (you can use a feather or your hand to “push” it into the corners), or anything else) into all the corners and areas in the room
  • Stop where you started, close your eyes and see if any area pops into mind as needing extra attention and head there
  • Continue with the last step until it feels clear!
  • Stand at the place you started and imaging that you’re “sealing” in the energy to allow the whole area to continue shifting after you are done

And that’s it! Your room has been cleared! If you choose to try this, I would LOVE to hear your experience. Or if you’ve used other techniques that have worked for you, please feel free to share them, too.