The other day, I was working on a client when I had a thought come in….

Wait. Let’s stop there.

In the past, I have taught so many different classes. I primarily taught AutoCAD (500 people at Texas Instruments + many others) and photography a few times. And I knew that I’d love to teach some energy work on some level. But every time I thought about it, I tripped myself up as everything felt half formed or off the cuff instead of solid and straightforward.

So I decided to wait for the energy to shift. And sometimes it does that in the funniest, most surprising ways.

So, the other day I was working on a client when I had a thought come in…. “space clearing”

Wait. Let’s stop there.

One thing I haven’t talked about is intuition.

Yes, I know, this post is a bit disjointed. But trust me, I’ll get to the point and the topic again in a moment.

Back to intuition.

So many people I know will talk about a gut feeling. For me, a gut feeling is different from intuition. Gut feelings to me harken back to a time when we were cavemen or in unsafe situations a lot. Your gut is typically at your third (or solar plexus) chakra (don’t worry, I’ll go into chakras another time). And that is often registered as a place you feel fear. Butterflies in your stomach, knot in your stomach, pit in your stomach. All descriptions of fear that happen to correspond to the 3rd chakra.

And often I find that many people describe this “gut feeling” in such a way that I can often feel or hear fear behind what they are being steered away from – or steered to.

While obviously something powerful, I feel that this is something more primal and less connected to true intuition.

With true intuition, though, I find that it comes in and feels completely different. When my teacher explained that I might feel it as a voice in the back of my head, I had an “ah ha!” moment! There it was, that quiet voice that had very little to say helping to guide me through life. And for the first time, I had a way to check my intuition against my ego.

I’ve heard people describe intuition in the following ways – maybe one of them will resonate with you and help you recognize what is your intuition and what is your brain or ego:

  • Small voice with small words or phrases
  • Like a text message – short and to the point
  • Doesn’t like to be ignored – will repeat it quietly
  • No emotion attached to it – at least initially
  • Just feels correct – even if the brain or ego takes over and makes it feel scary

I can get more into intuition and how to start tapping into it if there is interest. But I thought a little side step to chat about it might be helpful….

So! Back to the main point. Seminars and these tiny words coming in…. “space clearing”

And as I heard those words whispered, I knew suddenly what I would teach my first class? Seminar? Workshop? on… Yup, how to clear your spaces. But much more than that: what space clearing is and why it is helpful, how to do it and what else you can gain from it… All of those wrapped up together!

So that’s just what I’ve been doing – putting together my class. Or whatever it’s going to be. (I’m still unclear if it’s going to be a short, sweet overview to see if you’re interested in taking the class or if it will be a longer workshop. But I’m sure my intuition will tell me when it’s time!)

I am getting SO excited about it! I can’t wait to share all the information I’ve learned over the years, the techniques I enjoy using, others that may be fun for you and what I’ve seen shift because of space clearing.

For now, though, just stay tuned. I plan to share some thoughts on Space Clearing over the next week or so as well as announce when the seminar will take place.

And if you’d like to stay in the loop without checking Facebook or my blog, you can sign up for a Newsletter! I’ll be sending out all the details as soon as I have the seminar ready to go. And for those of you NOT in Crested Butte, I’ll have some goodies for you, too!

Do you use your intuition? Or are you more comfortable with a gut feeling? Have you ever done any space clearing? Or do you have any questions you’d love to have answered?